​​Swarm that has landed on a car

Swarm of bees in tree

Swarm Information

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The difference between a yellow jacket, wasp, and honey bee
Swarm of bees on car

Swarm of bees on mailbox

​​Swarm that has landed in a tree

​​Swarm that has landed on a mail box

If you or someone you know sees a swarm, please call

as soon as you see it. The bees will not harm you, but do 

not go near them, or try and spray them. They are looking 

for a new home and are protecting the queen, who cannot

 fly very far. Scout bees are out scouting around for a new

home to take the queen to. 

Call (509) 494-9224 and the swarm coordinator will ask you

some questions to determine how to capture the swarm. 

  • Where do you live, as in the town and address? 
  • ​How big is the swarm? (as big as a basebalbasket ball?)
  • Where is it located? 
  • How high off the ground is it? Will we need a ladder?
  • How long has it been there?
  • Has anyone used chemicals on the bees?
  • Are you sure they are honey bees? 

    The swarm coordinator will contact a beekeeper in your area. That beekeeper will call and give you an estimated time of arrival. If the bees move before the beekeeper gets there, let them know where it is now (if possible).

    Most likely, this will be a free service. If beekeepers remove bees from walls, the process is extremely time consuming, a labor of love and nothing more. Projects like this may not be free. You just have to talk to the beekeeper.

    Please remember, we're beekeepers, not carpenters ,contractors, or firemen that are trained to scale great heights.
    We're (usually) not in the business of removing bees from the confines of 
    walls, tree trunks, etc., which would take hours to possibly days and would involve complex techniques. However, we might be able to help you to find those services.

                                                                                  Thank you for your understanding